Is your busy schedule driving you crazy? Do you feel lost in the many things you need to do in a day?

Are you overwhelmed with your to do list?

If you live day to day accomplishing many tasks but feel like you’re not getting ahead, then it’s time to break your habits.

Read on why a dry erase calendar is a must buy for you.


First of all, you must acknowledge that it’s time to change and adopt a new habit.

You will continue to have the same frustrations if you kept on going the same way.

If your to do list is not working for you, you need to find ways to enhance or upgrade your methods.


How will a dry erase calendar help you?



The dry erase calendar is an essential organizational tool. You can easily see your different to dos and activities in a single sheet.

Moreover, you can organize your activities for the entire week. It will save you lots of time rather than scrambling around just looking for the next task to tick off in your to do list.

Planning your week ahead will save you not just your time, but also your sanity.



This dry erase calendar is versatile and can be used as a meal planner, workout planner, weekly planner whiteboard for the family, grocery and shopping lists, command center, study schedule and many more. 

It’s heaven sent for busy people!

Aside from tracking several activities on a single page, there is a notepad section at the bottom of the board to list down reminders.

You can also use this space to write messages. 



Each dry erase calendar comes with complete accessories.

Package includes 4 magnetic fine tip dry erase markers, 1 magnetic eraser, mounting tape set and best of all, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our dry erase calendar is backed by a manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee plus a 90-day free replacement warranty.

If there’s any reason you aren’t happy with our product, feel free to avail of our guarantee.