10 Best Weekly Plan Template Ideas To Choose From

To get yourself organized for the week to come, it’s important to sit down and plan. Think about how you will spend your valuable time to keep yourself on top of your priorities. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of to-do’s and whatnots. These weekly plan template ideas will help keep you in check.

1. Lovilee’s The Week at a Glance

Colleen from Lieflingkind boutique studio designed 3 gorgeous floral designs for your weekly planner to help you get organized beautifully. It comes with a daily planner, too. Download these beautiful weekly planner templates here.

weekly planner template

2. No Sidebar Minimalist Weekly Plan Template

No Sidebar’s mission of designing a simple life stays true for their free weekly plan template. This minimalist design shows the weekly layout with ample space per day, plus extra space to write your to-dos and notes for the week. What a great simple way to stay productive throughout the week!

3. Designer Blogs’ Weekly To Do List Template

If you’re a to do list kind of gal and take delight in checking off those items off your list, this weekly plan template from Designer Blogs is perfect for you. To do lists allow you to break down your day into manageable tasks. Moreover, their gold, white and black color theme is stunning to look at!

weekly planner template

4. Lolly Jane’s Hexagonal Weekly Plan Template

This weekly plan template is part of Lolly Jane’s 50+ printable calendars. Even though this list was created last 2017, the weekly plan templates are still good to use. Download this if you’re the unconventional type of gal!

weekly planner template

5. My Little Fabric’s Leafy Art Weekly Planner

Are you looking for something simple with a pop of color? Download this weekly planner template from My Little Fabric. It’s simple yet the leafy art accents found in this template makes it seamlessly beautiful.

weekly planner template

6. Scattered Squirrel’s Weekly Plan Printable

If you’re the detailed type of person and want to plan your week in 30-minute blocks, get this weekly plan template from Scattered Squirrel. It has 30-minute intervals for you to jot down your tasks and schedule for 12 hours! The detailed mama in you will surely be happy.

weekly planner template

8. Pretty in Pink Weekly Plan Template

This weekly plan template is perfect for the girly girl. I love that there’s a Priorities section in the sheet. It keeps your goals in front of you, and you’re most likely to do something towards that goal when you always see it. Download it here.

weekly planner template
Weekly Planner Template Discovered in Pinterest

9. Shining Mom’s Weekly Planner

If you love florals, get this planner. It’s part of mommy Khaye’s free printable planner set. The unique feature of this planner is that it lists down your pending tasks and you can pick it up again the next week.

weekly planner template

10. QuikGlance Weekly Plan Template

Of course, we saved the best for last (be your own cheerleader).

We designed our weekly planner template to be versatile with you in mind. You can add categories to the left (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner) for menu plans or you can simply plot your family schedule throughout the week. There’s a 3-column notes section at the bottom where you can write priorities, to do lists or reminders. Feel free to discover what works for you.

For those living in the US, you can order our QuikGlance dry erase board through Amazon. It’s great for family calendars, command centers and many more.

I hope you enjoyed browsing this list of handpicked weekly plan templates. If you want to go back to this post, I’ve included a Pinterest image for you to save. Enjoy and thank you for your time in reading this post!

weekly plan template

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